Our Newsletter will be published soon - PLEASE STAY TUNED!! 
"We Praise God today as we launch our 1st edition of "Macedonia Baptist Church Media Messenger." Please encourage our editors, Sis. Broaddus & Sis. Hairston, when you see them around in Church. Our newsletter will be published quarterly, for now, as we are in the growing stages.  It is our hope that members of the church will be inspired to participate in each edition, when called upon.  We may do things such as: show baby pictures and guess who the member is, have personal, inspirational stores of members, willing to share with others, question and answers of matters of importance, both in the church and in the day-to-day issues we all have.  We look forward to this newsletter to turn into a kind, fun, joyful, and caring avenue of information about this branch of Zion.  Please get involved and make it personal, be intentional and remember, we are our brothers keeper!"  To God Be The Glory!
To God Be The Glory!"
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