Our Ministries encourages families to engage in various programs and activities to empower each other through communication and support of one another.
  "Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the souls and health to the body"
                                                                                                    Proverbs 16:24

Brotherhood Ministry

Chair Person: Rev. Jackson
Vice Chair Person: Bro Joe Brown

Cemetary Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Cathy Parker
Vice Chairperson: Sis Charity Baker-Deane

Choir Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Cathy Parker
Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Christian Education & Sunday Morning Bible Study

Chairperson/Superintendent:  Bro Earl Douglas
Assistant Superintendent:  Sis Cathy Parker

Communications Ministry

Chairperson: Vacant
Website Coordinator: Maude Williams
Vice Chairperson: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Assistant Secretary: Vacant
Supporting Members: 
Sis Maude Williams
Sis Trina Brown
Sis Yvonne Walker

Deaconess Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Viola Jackson
Chaplain: Sis Tina Douglas

Deacons Ministry

 Chairperson: Deacon Earl Douglas
Vice Chairperson: Vacant

Hospitality Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Gloria Baker
Vice Chairperson: Sis Cathy Parker
Secretary: Sis Trina Brown

Missionary Ministry

Chairperson: Rev Ocellia Lewis
Vice Chairperson: Sis Juanita Horn

Pastor's Aide Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Solena Bacon
Secretary: Cathy Parker

Scholarship Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Juanita Horn
Vice: vacant
Supporting Members: Sis Bridget Canada, Bro James Butler, Sis Maude Williams

Trustee Ministry

Chairperson: Bro Anthony  Tutt
Vice Chairperson: Bro James Butler

Usher Ministry

Chairperson: Deaconess Arterita Brown
Vice: Vacant

Vacation Bible School Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Juanita Horn

Women's Ministry

Chairperson:  Sis Dornita Branham
Vice Chairperson:  Sis Charity Baker-Dean

Youth Ministry

Chairperson: Sis Cathy Parker