WELCOME!  Our Church News and Events page will keep you up to date on upcoming and future programs and events.  Your participation in our church events is requested as it is highly important that we do this as a church body.  As we approach events, flyers will be posted on the church bulletin board and handed out to all church members, family and friends.  We encourage everyone to view our "Calendar" page for additional information as well.  Once on the calendar page, place your cursor over a particular date to obtain additional information.  You may also follow us on FACEBOOK at Macedonia Baptist Church!  Our 11:00am Sunday Morning Worship Services are also recorded on FACEBOOK.
9/27/2023 Praise & Worship, 7:30pm to 8:30pm

9/24/2023 Deacon, Deaconess & Trustee Annual Day, 11:00am

9/23/2023 Cancelled Annual Church Yard Sale

You may still join us at Sis. Carole Washington's residence for the Culinary Creations Bake Sale! The Bake Sale will take place RAIN or SHINE. Sis. Washington has prepared various goodies such as: pies, cakes, cupcakes and cookies!
Orders can be placed prior to Saturday and Sis. Washington is also willing to deliver orders to the Church on Sunday.
A flyer can be found on the "Photo Albums" page. 
For more information or to place an order, please contact Sis. Washington at: 

9/20/2023 Fellowship with Good Hope Baptist Church

9/19/2023 Reminder for Hallelujah Nite

As we are approaching October, First Lady Jackson will be accepting candy for our Hallelujah Nite on October 31st at 6:00pm.
First Lady would like the "Giant" size bags of candy that can be purchased from Walmart.  Or you may donate money.  Please give all monies to First Lady.  Thank You and God Bless!

9/19/2023 Collection of Canned Goods

Greetings Church Family!  It is that time of year again, where we collect canned goods for our Food Pantry in the kitchen and for the Bowling Green Food Bank.
For our Food Pantry:  Hospitality use #10 cans of green beans, collard greens, and corn.  Other items needed are : sugar, powder tea and lemonade.  Please place donated items in the Fellowship Hall.
For the Bowling Green Food Bank:  Any type of canned goods are acceptable.  Please place canned goods in the Choir room.  Please ensure you check the "expiration" dates on all cans.
Thanks and Blessings on your day! 


"Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all celebrating in the month of September!

9/1/2023 Tithes & Offerings can be made at:

Unable to make Sunday Morning Service?  You can submit your Tithes and Offerings on-line (electronically) at:
Thank you for giving!!