* The Macedonia Baptist Church Family welcomes you!! If this is your first time viewing our website, we're excited that you stopped by and we say, "Thank you" for visiting today.   We'd love to hear from you, so please use our Contact Page to provide us with more information about you. 
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* Please prepare yourselves for some upcoming events that will be held at the Church.
   -- A Tent and Table Social - this social will be a BBQ with hotdogs and burgers!! There will be tents and tables already in place, but you may also bring your own.  This will be a great time to Fellowship with one another!!!
   -- A Seven Prayer Workshop -  is in the planning process.  Pastor would like the Church Family to designate "7" things (topics for discussion) to Pray for as a Church Body and then build those things into a workshop.  If you have some topics for discussion, please let one of the Deacons know.
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*If you are a "new member" we encourage you to view our "Ministries" page to get a glimpse of where you may be interested in joining to get involved with various activities and events within the Church. 
8/9/2020 50/50/50 PROGRAM

 Please remember you may:
* drop off your Tithes at the Church every Sunday (weather permitting) at noon
* mail Tithes to the Church: 7187 Macedonia Church Road, Woodford, VA
* pay Tithes on-line at: tithe.ly
We also encourage you to continue to make your 50/50/50 donations to support the Mission of the Church!